Film Yourself Doing Insane Things

Or just sitting around in your pajamas (which, face it, would be
pretty boring…unless, of course, you’re Hugh Hefner and your hot tub is full of centerfold models…Hugh, baby, call me.
I’ve got a reality show idea for you!). Either way, this handy head cam is the
kind of thing you want when you’re BASE-jumping El Capitan, snowboarding, skydiving (Richard Branson apparently used
one of them) or whatever else you do that you think others might want to watch from your POV.

To get a feel for what the camera does, check out the gallery, which has got a bunch of video spots in it. And hey,
who knows, someone might be interested in your “day in the life” biopic sitting around in yuor jammies..don’t know who,
though. Maybe your kids.