Kayak – Learning the Tandem Roll

There are a couple of gems in this online magazine that are worth
a peek. For example, here’s an
excellent article on how to roll a
tandem kayak. Now, if you’ve ever gone over in a tandem kayak, which is probably not very common, then you know how
incredibly difficult this is. It’s hard enough to roll a single river kayak…well, rolling upside down is easy. It’s
getting back up that’s hard. And so I was fascinated by the technique here and thought it worthy of a look for paddle

The article shows you how to do a tandem roll, which just does not look easy, and I confess I’ve never been over in
a tandem, so I have never tried to roll one. But there is also a nice little lesson in an assisted reenter. My guess is
the average paddler will not learn the first technique, but the second one may come in handy.