Digging up the Dirt

It may not be your idea of a vacation to go somewhere and
dig around in the dirt for ancient artifacts, but for some folks, it’s bliss.
And if finding your bliss means sifting earth to find scraps of bine, the beauty of it is, you don’t need to be have
PhD to do it. No. You can just pay up and go to Peru.


In this expedition by Earthwatch, you will venture
to the Huaro Valley, Peru where the
infamous Wari (AD 540-900) once thrived. They lived off the land from the central highlands to the sierras and the
coast. They had no TV and only one word for snow: “cold”.


But seriously, give a look at some of these expeditions. The one I desribe here is led by
Dr. Mary Glowacki, whom you will get to know well.
What will you do? You will record mapping and excavation data. You will “rotate between mapping the structure and
excavating and processing the artifacts”. Fun!


And you will do all of this with the comfy confines of a Cuzco hotel to go back to.

Get busy, though. Spots are filling up and those bone shards don’t want to wait around for another 1100 years.