Scuba Diving Mag’s Top 10 Dives in North America

If you had to choose the best diving spot in North America
off the top of your head…quick name it! Did you pick British Columbia? I doubt it.


And yet that’s that what the readers of Scuba Diving Magazine thought. Now, I got certified in Seattle and have
dived around the San Juans, so I think I know what they’re talking about. It’s cold as a witch’s…well, it’s cold. Dry
suit cold. But the life is completly unique, which is why, I am guessing it wa selected number one. Anyway, here is the
rest of the list.


I am glad to see the Channel Islands there too. North Carolina? Anyone got the lowdown on NC? Is the diving really
that good?

1. British Columbia

2. Channel Islands, Calif.

3. North Carolina

4. Flower Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico

5. Southeast Florida

6. Islamorada and Tavernier, Florida Keys

7. Key Largo, Florida Keys

8. Washington State

9. Key West, Florida Keys

10. Marathon, Florida Keys