Adventure Expo: Dr. Olaf Malver and Explorer’s Corner

So this amiable, burly guy here is Dr. Olaf Malver, the CEO of
Explorer’s Corner. Great dude. I chatted him up
briefly about the trips that his company does and so far this is my favorite trip idea yet. His company does what they
call “invitation only” trips, which is a fancy way, I guess, of saying that they very selectively hand-pick people for
many of their more exotic trips (no more than 10 per expedition). No weaklings allowed is the gist I got from him…and
he means it. Anyway, his expeditions are always featured in Nat
Geo Adventure
and he was telling me about his trip for 2005 to Greenland. Apparently they’re going to take folding kayaks up to the far NE quadrant of Greenland and
will paddle the fjords up there for several weeks. Rough travel he said, but about the furthest you can get away from
civilization short of thumbing a ride on the