Adventure Expo: Shadow Divers

So I just chatted with the two guys, John Chatterton and Richard Kohler, who are two of the main characters in the
book Shadow Divers. they’re also hosts of a History
Channel show about wreck diving…Secrets of the Deep or something like that. Great dudes. Talked with them for a half
hour about the incredible story of their discovery of a
German U-boat off the coast of New Jersey. They found the sub and were convinced it was a German U-boat, something that
(they said) has never been discovered off the US coast before. No one, not even history experts who specialize in such
things, believed they’d actually found a German sub. Tragic story. They lost three friends in the course of finding the
thing, which is sitting in the muck at 280 feet. They did a ton of research about the sub, which the Germans said had
been lost off Africa. They then went to Germany and talked to the families of the crew, some of whom, they said, wept
when they told them about the discovery. “It brought closure to these families who had no idea what happened to their
relatives,” said Richard Kohler, one of the divers (pictured on the right).