Party Like a Spaniard

They may sleep too much during the afternoon, but Spaniards come out at night, and they
know how to have a good time. Trust me. I know. I lived in Madrid for a while. You have to completely alter your
notions of time when you go to Spain. Dinner is something you do around midnight and sleep at night…well, didn’t you
nap this afternoon?

And so it is in this article
about from the Independent about those hnard partying Spaniards. Every year, including this April, La
Feria de Abril bounces along and turns even the
most hearty partiers to much. You dance and drink all night and you gaze at the marvellous dresses the women wear.
There are tapas and dancing and fino and singing and did I mention the dancing?

And then, after you celebrate the sunrise with good buds and newfound friends, you might just crawl off to some place
in the shade, take a nap and then wake up in a few hours to start the whole mad process over again.

Viva Espana!