Snowboarding Camp

A couple of scenarios:

1. You have never snowboarded before and you’d really like to learn. Unfortunately you have no friends. None that want
to teach you, anyway.

2. You’ve been a skier your whole life and know you have to learn how to snowboard, but you want to get it done quick
because if your friends see you floundering around like a retard on the hill, well, it’s all over.

3. You’re way into adulthood and this whole snowboarding thing looks like fun, but well, jeez, it’s really hard to
learn something new at my age.

OK, now if you fit into any of the above scenarios, then snowboarding camp might be the way to go. I did some looking
around for you, and found that one of the best camps around is in Whistler BC.
Pro-ride will teach you steeps, trees, half-pipe, whatever. You might even talk them into taking you heli-skiing.
Folks, this is one of the best places to ski in the world. You should be thanking me.