Working on an Organic Farm

New Zealand has got lots of great things to do: bungee jumping,
rafting, hiking, mountain biking. But maybe you want your visit to have more meaning than what can get from these fun,
but perhaps somewhat selfish, adventures.

WWOOF New Zealand offers travelers the opportunity to stay and work on
organic farms in Kiwiland. You have to contact the WWOOF folks and
join up with them, but then you can get assigned to work on a farm in the country, eating the fruits of your labor and
enjoying an experience that very few folks ever get. You stay between five days and a few weeks or more. And if you
really like it, maybe you can stay and grow turnips there for the rest of your life. Or tend sheep. There are probably
worse ways to finish out your years than hanging out with a bunch of sheep. Or maybe that’s what your life is like now