Pumping Salmon: Seattle is America’s Fit-ropolis

It’s quite possible you’ve already seen
, but I thought it was worth a post. Seattle has been named by
Men’s Fitness Magazine as the nation’s fittest city. Surprise?
Not really. I lived there for almost six years and it’s a fitropolis to be sure. It certainly wasn’t going to be
Houston (the fattest), although San Francisco was in contention. What about Boulder? Not a city, perhaps? New York?
Number 8! Uh, fattest. That’s because they included Queens. Doh!

Strangely, Seattle rocketed ahead from number 6 last year…and how an entire city can suddenly get so much fitter in
just one year is a bit perplexiung, but alas, magazine editors have their reasons that reason never knows. Perhaps
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has been running secret morning fish-throwing sessions that we don’t know about.