JPG Mag: Great New Magazine

For a while now we’ve run a
called photo of the day, and so far it’s been pretty successful. And one of the things that has made it
relatively easy to do is the HUGE number of digi-photographers out there taking amazing pictures and posting them for
all the world to see. It’s a remarkable phenomenon when you think about it. Because when you see the vast universe of
great photos out there, you realize that almost everybody has the ability to take a good picture. Good photography is
often a matter of place and the mere fact that you’re toting your camera with you…which is something that is now a
habit, but a new one, for most people.

And so with so much great work available online, it makes sense that someone would come up with the idea to do a
magazine dedicated to photoblogging-style photography. They have. Derek Powazek,
the man behind the very cool online site The Fray (of which I have been a
longtime fan), and his wife Heather Champ (of
mirrorproject fame), are now publishing a magazine called
JPG Mag, obviously after the name of the standard digital camera

Each issue of JPG will have a theme. The first issue, which was just released is entitled: Origin. I got my hands on a
copy and I have to say it’s great.  The layout and tone is really unpretentious, but the featured work is superb.
The issue has an interview with Emilie Valentine, perhaps the first photoblogger, as well as a special series by CA
photographer Noah Grey (whose work I have also long bookmarked).

The magazine is open to submissions and next issue’s theme is LOST, so if you’ve got that giga-drive packed with
photos you’ve never looked at, maybe it’s time to go through it and see if 0002322.jpg is a great expression of that
theme. That’s what I’m doing, anyway.

And I am very much looking forward and hoping for the success of this new venture.