Leave Your Couch, Build A House

Bored with the latest episodes of
Extreme Makeover Home Edition?  Me too.  If
those heart-wrenching stories turned to enchantment on your TV set really gets you going, wave your own magic hammer
and check out Habitat for Humanity International.  Like many volunteer
organizations around this time they are really trying to support builds in Tsunami affected areas, but they also have a
nice list of upcoming builds state-wide and globally. 

My first and only build to date was in the misty Transylvanian town of
Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  Building days were tough on me, but handsomely rewarding.  Each Habitat build
incorporates family visits and A LOT of R&R.  So if checking out all of Dracula’s old hangouts is on your
mind, look into Habitat.