Gadling Podcast: New Features and Interview With Jim Benning of Worldhum

Hello ladies
and gents, we’ve now got our second podcast
up and running and ready for your listening enjoyment. We’re still working the kinks out and throwing things against
the wall to see what sticks (rubber eraser, no. hamster spleen, no, but close. Homer Simpson action figure encased in
freshly chewed bubble gum, YES!) .

Yes, well. So let us give a brief desription of what fun and folly
awaits. First, we start off with a new feature called Magazine Minute in which we talk (briefly, I
swear) about the best items to be found in the top travel mags. We’re talking about Outside, National Geographic
Adventure, Budget Travel and so on. Then we go over the Top Five posts from the previous two weeks,
discussing any new info, what we thought about the posts, etc. Then we go straight into our interview with Jim
, the brains and brawn behind the excellent travel writing site Worldhum.

And that’s it! It’ll
take around thirty minutes to listen to it all, and, lucky for you, you can fast forward through any or all of it. This
is a work-in-progress, so any thoughts or ideas, please send them our way (or
use the comment page).


Host: Erik Olsen.
Format: 41

Jump to:
05:30- Magazine Minute

20:50- Top 5 Posts

27:35- Jim
Benning of Worldhum – Interview

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