Mongolia: Radio Stories

Today seems like a good day to put the headphones on and listen to some good radio stories. I don’t know about you,
but I LOVE radio. I am an subscriber and have
downloaded hours of audio for my ipod that I listen to on the subway, driving, walking around and well, right this
minute. Right now I am listening to a story from This American Life about a
couple of comedians who got their big break on the Ed Sullivan Show on the same night of the Beatles historic
appearance on that show. They had no idea who the Beatles were. When some young guy with a thick Liverpool accent came
into the “green room” and asked for a dime to buy a Coke, they had no idea they were talking to John Lennon. So here
they perform their skit on TV that night before the largest audience in the history of television. Talk about a big
break. Great story.

Good radio stories take you places that you’ve never been, or cast a new light on a place you know so you see if
differently. Good radio is an artful dance between your ears and your imagination.

With that in mind, So speaking of radio listening, you should hear
these terrific stories on PRI
from Mongolia.  In particular, listen to the
story of Black Rose, a Mongolian hip
hop band that uses traditional throat singing in their music. It is one of those stories that reveals how small the
world has become.