Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer

You may notice that we post a lot of stuff about travel writers
and travel writing…well, that’s because we like travel writing. Especially GOOD travel writing. But as Jim Benning of
Worldhum told me in our interview, travel writing is a tough gig. Hard to make money, hard to get published. Almost
impossible to make a living.

If you are not dissuaded by this, and still think you can drop the day job, escape the bleat of the fax machine, the
reek of toner, the complaints of your boss…then you might read
fine primer
on the myths of travel writing.

I’ll post the headlines here (which are pretty self-explanatory), but if you want to read more, check out the

Myth #1: Travel writers make enough money to live on.

Myth #2: Editors are hungry for travel stories from new writers.

Myth #3: A destination is a story.

Myth #4: Readers want to hear every detail about your personal experiences.

Myth #5: Travel magazines love long stories.

Myth #6: You write a story, you get paid, it soon gets published.

Myth #7: All your expenses will be covered.