Jacksonville A Place For Pigskin, But What Else?

With Superbowl XXXIX approaching fast and two cold teams with
truck loads of tail-gating fans heading down, the city of Jacksonville hopes to make quite the impression this 6th of
February.  Some three hours-or-so south of Jacksonville, Florida the city of Tampa seems to be rooting for its
neighbor.  Looks that way according to today’s Tampa
article on several of Jacksonville’s city highlights.  The city has much more to offer than
suspected and the article breaks it down for everyone.  Here are the headlines:

  • For The Aesthete

  • For The Shopaholic

  • For The Naturalist

  • For The ‘Spirited’

  • For The Gourmand

  • For Making The Scene

  • For The Golfer

  • For The Beachcomber

Based on all that cold weather up north, I say come just to steal some Florida sunshine.