Gadling Top Ten: Songs to Listen to While Skiing/Snowboarding Playlist

We’re going to do a new feature here at Gadling that we
think you’ll enjoy. Every week, we’ll do a Top Ten (yes, call it a respectful homage to David
Letterman), in which we put our best minds to work and take whatever strikes our fancy that is in any way engaged
travel-related, and we’ll write up the ten best things associated with it.  

Today, we begin with (drum roll please):

The Gadling Top Ten Best Songs to Listen to While Skiing or Snowboarding:

OK, the key here is rhythm. You know when you’re coming down a slope, you want something punchy, something that gets
you fired up to attack the bumps or cut sweet S-turns in the powder, something that gets you into a groove. Your ear
buds are stuffed into your ear holes and you might be wearing your brand new
Burton/Motorola jacket. You may agree, you may

Here’s what should be on your ipod: 

10. End of the World (As We know It) – REM

9. Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

8. Bruised – The Bens (this one’s for when you’re cruising)

7. Cheat – The Clash

6. Walk, Don’t Run – The Duo Tones (Ventures version is good too)

5. Here Comes the Summer – Fiery Furnaces

4. Times Like These – Foo Fighters

3. Big Iron – Johnny Cash (this one’s also good for cruising)

2. Bright Future in Sales – Fountains of Wayne

1. Keep on Rockin in the Free World – Neil Young (must be either acoustic or electric version from Freedom

And, while we are in no way wrong about these, we are open to other thoughts on the matter, so feel free to add your