The Bootleg Way to Guide Books

Getting a new guide book for me is an adventure in itself.  Knowing every page I turn was planned
and written with careful execution (and perhaps a few mishaps along the way) is a heart warming
feeling.  I’m not sure about you, but it makes me feel like someone’s got my back.  In any case it also makes
me wonder who had the daring travel writer’s back?  What kind of blood, sweat and tears went into my
precious guide book? (So dramatic for a guide book, but often times true.)

Well, Lonely Planet has a nice blog section for their authors on the
road.  I think of it as the ‘Bootleg’ way to get small, exclusive pieces of information on the destinations
before the guides are officially out.  Catch Lonely Planet writer

Matt Phillips in Cambodia
right now as he touches on crossing borders and money squeezing border patrol
officials.  He also writes about getting out of Bangkok and just how teary-eyed the entire visit had
him.  Round of sound to Matt next time you’re in Cambodia with the updated LP ‘Southeast Asia On A
Shoestring,’ he’s got your back.