Putumayo Music

Would you describe your musical collection as eclectic and well-rounded, or are you stuck in a corporate-music, pop
culture rut?

If the former, then the folks at Putumayo will help you expand your
repertoire and introduce you to some of the world’s wonderful beats, strums and vocals that you have likely never heard
before. If you’re a long-time traveler, the chances are you’ve heard Putumayo music, or at heard of it from some
bedraggled backpacker slacker toting a Walkman. But I suggest you go to the site and give a listen to some of the stuff

I’ve been a fan for years and am buying some CDs for gifts this year. You can take a listen to samples before you
buy, but once you do, I’ll bet you buy something, because the music is good, and once you listen you’ll probably
realize how limited your collection and appreciation of music really is.