Bones, Bones, Bones!

Remember when Jurassic Park lit up movie houses and cinemas
across the world?  It made great conversation for weeks and could be considered one of the top ten films featuring a T-Rex
ever! (Just how many films feature dinosaurs though?)  Taking into account how HOT the subject matter of
recreating, excavating, or anything to do with dinosaurs typically is, one might think about
A&E Travel’s seven day dinosaur dig in
Montana taking place this May through August. 

Based on the news at Travel Video you can be
apart of an authentic scientific dig as you work alongside researchers in Montana’s Hell Creek.  The experience is
far from being on a tour.  And after you are done learning about the evolutionary processes between Late
Cretaceous dinosaurs of the LuFeng Province of China and dinosaurs of Montana’s Hell Creek Formation you can have a
soda at the old-fashioned drug store and soda fountain.  Now ain’t that something?  All that digging for
fossils and some soda pop.  This one is seriously worth looking into adventure goers.  Tell me what you