Bowermaster on the Altiplano

I’ve mentioned Jon Bowermaster before, and had the
recent privilege of talking to him at the Adventure Travel Expo here in New York. I’ve also mentioned his epic
Ocean’s 8 project, which, let’s face it, is amazingly cool. But I
came across today this series of dispatches
from Bowermaster’s trip on the altiplano that I’d not seen or heard before and wanted to post about it. There are both
text and audio dispatches here, the latter of which really put you in the moment. The thing that  I lived in Chile
for a year several years ago, spent a fair amount of time on the
altiplano, and so Bowermaster’s experience there brought
back some great memories of a place of unusual beauty.  Speaking of beauty, you should also check out
Peter McBride’s photos from another one of
Bowermaster’s trips to French Polynesia. This is just mind-blowing stuff.