All Teddies Aboard!

First it was those friendly, yet creepy garden gnomes, then Mr. Potato Head and now Teddy.  Yup, Teddy
can be found all over the German city of Munich, but worry not.  He’s
bringing back pictures.  And these days it seems like everyone is sending their beloved toys overseas to
see what they’ve only dreamed.  According to the
Calgary Sun
a teddy bear travel agency out of Munich, called
Teddy-in-Munich, will take your teddy
out-and-about town.  For a somewhat small fee you can send your own teddy away with a personality sheet,
itinerary, and customize his Bavarian adventure.  Satchmo - the teddy feautured in the picture here
had the opportunity to enjoy paragliding, pub-crawling and pretzels.  Now that’s one ‘beary’
lucky teddy. He he he…