Busking Tips

Ever heard the term busking before? I hadn’t. But then I’ve never really thought about making a
living playing a guitar on the streets in Europe. Wait, scratch that. I actually did once consider doing this, but then
I realized I had no singing talent and so scrapped the idea.

Perhaps you DO have talent. Then busking
be for you, and if so, you will find some useful tips and information how to eke out a living on the
street on this site. It’s not the most informative
site in the world, but there are a few thoughts that might help you as you set out to take the world by storm…or get
caught in one with your guitar. For example, here’s one tip:

Concerning your style of play. The odder – the more attention grabbing, the more entertaining.

OK, makes sense.

Here, too, is a general site for would-be buskers out
there, with info on where to play, what to play and so on. And also a BBC piece on licensing buskers in