Travel Green

My guess is most travelers are already pretty green. Not in the
inexperienced sense, but in the we-give-a-damn-about- the-globe sense. But it’s always nice to be reminded of what you
can do to make the earth a better place when you set out on your adventures. And so
Budget Travel has got this fine primer on how to be a better global
citizen while you travel. The key points? I knew you were goiing to ask. Simple stuff, really. Among the

Select a green hotel. There are lodges and hotels that have received the Green Seal Certification for
environmentally responsible practices. Choose one.

Think twice before buying certain souvenirs. You don’t need ANYTHING made of ivory, right? Or teak.
Or fur. And by all means, don’t put that endangered lizard in your pocket.

Take pictures, not petals. A no brainer.

Don’t litter. Ditto

As I say, basic stuff, but there are times we forget, and it never hurts to be reminded how to be good.