Here Comes Christo

It’s taken 26 years of planning, lots of heated coffee-house
discussion about the true telent of the artist (is he a shameless self-promoter with a gimmick or a genius), but the
artist currently known as Christo is coming to town to finally erect his magnificent
“Gates” project in Central Park. The
hordes of poorly-paid volunteers start placing gates throughout the park on Monday. For at least the first few days,
the weather is supposed to be decent, perhaps suggesting God himself is a Christo fan. The exhibit…or monument…or
whatever you want to call it, will hang for 16 days, starting next Saturday.

Several papers run stories about
the project…and there will be more. And we will do our best to get out there and snap at least a few photos of the
exhibit as well as to deliver our unbiased critique of this long-awaited, well, arsty-fartsy thing.