A Lot Of Monkey Business In Bolivia

A friend of mine was watching 60 Minutes a
few nights back and thought of me after hearing about all the monkey
going on in Bolivia.  He said it sounded like something I might want to rush out and see.  And I
probably would if uh, I didn’t have to work.  Hmmm.  Well, it appears a new species of monkey has been
discovered in the Madidi wilderness of the Bolivian Amazon.  In Madidi you’ll find the Andes meet the Amazon
(pretty cold, very hot) and is like nothing else on Earth.  It’s a good place to spot otters, tapir, cayman,
and Capibara not to mention the some thousand species of birds.  That being said, it is one of the most
biological diverse parks in the world.

British biologist, Rob Wallace, was the one who stumbled upon the new species of monkey after a decade of
exploration for the New York Wildlife Conservation Society.  His new monkey discovery can be described as “a
brillant orange ball of fur.”  A bit like a teddy bear the feature that stands out the most is the golden crown
color.  A name has not yet been decided for the little creatures, but Wallace is hoping to auction off the name to
the highest bidder.  He wants to do something that hasn’t been done before, but also bring in some bucks to make
Madidi as a park to work.  If you’re curious to what the little guy looks like check out the article and see
what name you can up with.