All The Jewels

If ever there was a time to “Ooh and Aah” over a piece of jewerly, now is that time.  One of the
important additions in the past 20
years has arrived at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural
History.  According to USA Today, the Smithsonian has acquired a 23.1-carat Burmese ruby flanked by two
triangular diamonds and a love story as well.  Often described as a “pigeon blood red,” Burmese rubies are prized
for their color.  The Carmen Lucia will join the Hope diamond and the 423-carat Logan sapphire.  Wow! 
And it’s all just in time for V-Day.  Take her to the museum, woo her with your knowledge of the gem, then give
her one of her own.  She’ll love it.