Dude Ranch, Dude

Seems you don’t have to go all the way to Wyoming to enjoy the snug fit of a saddle or
smell the sweet, vegetable aroma of manure. Just an hour out of Los Angeles is
Rancho Temescal, a dude ranch in Piru (where?), CA. in the
mountains of Ventura County. The

says the ranch is ”so close to the sprawling wonderland of the city that you can
practically spit into Brad Pitt’s backyard.” Which is, to be honest, something I’d very much like to do. (How could he
DO that to Jen? And what’s up now with the Olsen twins? Has Mary Kate finally kicked her addiction?)

Anyhooldle, even if you loathe the Hollywood scene like I do, the thought that you can head out of town and be on a
ranch riding horses within an hour is great. It takes me an hour just to get to New Jersey, a place that has a smell of
its own…and it ain’t freshly cut grass.