LAX an Adventure – Or No?

I’ve never met, slept, had a layover or a cup of tea in an airport that I wished to stay in for longer
than five hours.  Let’s just imagine being stuck at the Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX
since September. Well, sorta. All hands down to Wong Racom, whom the

LA Times reports
ran into some pretty big problems when trying to make his way back home to Vietnam last
fall.  The Vietnamese refugee apparently lost his refugee passport and North Carolina identification card, both of
which are require to board an international flight.  While he waited to get his new passport, the homesick
Montagnard villager hung out in LAX for a month making new friends and dining at the Hamada

What was most interesting about the article was the ways in which airport staff pulled together to help Racom and
how happy/sad they were when saying their goodbyes.  It’s a tear jerker.  Read more about his adventure or if
you are inspired plan your LAX adventure too or, um – no? 
Better safe than sorry.