Backcountry Danger

More on
the dangers of backcountry skiiing. The
key point being that many North American resorts, from Taos to
Whistler Blackcomb, have been expanding their off-piste
terrain, providing skiers with the right gear with the opportunity to escape lift lines. With a bit of work, that is
climbing with skis on, you can head into the backcountry. The right gear mostly means randonnee skis, the centerpiece
of which involves a strong, lightweight binding that is hinged at the toe…sort of a high-impact, sturdier cross country
ski, where the heel can be secured to the ski for downhilling.

The problem, as I’ve mentioned before, is going back country can escalate the danger of dying. After a fresh snow,
the back country can be a serious avalanche danger, and several people have died lately doiing this.

That said, as someone who has done some (but not much) backcountry skiiing, I can say that the experience is unique
and thrilling. Perhaps it’s something you’re interested in? Well, then consider a course, perhaps as an outfit like
Exum in Grand Teton natioonal Park. That way, you get some of the basics down
before you head and and kill yourself on you rown.