Noisebuster Headphones

I’ve been looking for a good pair of
noise-cancelling headphones…but I wanted something that wouldn’t cost me more than my ipod. I mean, I listened to the
Bose set and, yeah, they’re good. Really good. But are you really going to spend $300 on a set of headphones? Like
sunglasses and gloves, I’m losing things like headphones all the time.

And so I thought I’d try out the Noisebuster
headphones from Protech. They run about $60 and I have to say, they
are quite good. Now, the key of high tech headphones is that they actively cancel out background noise, rather than
just trying to block it. They are great for noisy environment, particularly airplanes where the constant hum can ruin a
good listening experience.

I’ve been using them for a couple of days now and find they’re great not just on a plane, but everywhere. I’m now
using them in my office, listening to my ipod, to work on my computer. Very nice.

The only complaint I have about them is how the sound pales in comparison to my ear buds when the headphones are not
actually on (the noisebusters, and most noise canceling headphones use a AAA battery) . With the power off the sound
muddies and and grows dull. Otherwise, thought you might find these headphones a decent alternative to the more
expensive Bose model.

Anyone else have experience with an inexpensive pair of this type of head phones?