Clothing Optional Dinners

Depending on who you invite this idea might very well spoil your appetite.

Despite the bitter cold weather, nudists in New York are
now holding “Clothing Optional” dinners in the city.
Says one frequent nude diner, George Keyes, 65, a retired junior high school English teacher: ”It’s exciting to be
in a restaurant nude.” Is it now?  Maybe for you, but what about those biting into their risotto and gazing
at your mounds of wrinkled flab? Waiter! Barf bag, please.

One woman Sandy, who is in her 40s, said she “never felt self-conscious about her body”, in fact she enjoys dining
in the nude, but when it comes to naked yoga class, she gets a bit more modest. Yes,
certain asanas are just not
meant to be done in the nude. Doesn’t this remind you of a certian
Seinfeld episode?