We love McSweeneys. Sorry, did
you miss that? I said WE LOVE MCSWEENEYS.
The Onion is still good for a giggle, but you just can’t beat the intelligent, dead-pan, hyper-ironic sense of humor of
the whole stable of McSweeneys writers. Always good, always there when you click around to brighten an otherwise lame,
dreary day in winter (it fricken snowed again today! enough! we want sunshine, GLORIOUS sunshine! Why can’t New York
and California marry and have a nice little kid? Or did they…a semi-retarded, disfunctional one called Florida? Just
kidding, Floridians. Your state is great! Except for Orlando, that place SUCKS!).

Anyhoodle, now that I’ve pissed off an entire state…let me give you
this link to a precious little dispatch
called URINATION AND EXPLOSIVES. It’s funny, it’s travel-related, sort of.