Gadling Podcast: Intv. James O'Reilly

Hey, ho.
Our next podcast is ready to go. 
And man, do we have a treat for you. Have you ever read one of those Traveler’s
books while hoofing it abroad? You know the ones, Travelers Tales Brazil, or Thailand, or Mexico? Or perhaps
you read the recently released Sense of Place, by Michael
Shapiro, a book about travel writers who talk about, well, travel writing.

And so. This podcast we
interviewed James O’Reilly, publisher of the Travelers’ Tales series of books. James is a very cool guy, smart as hell
and more eloquent than, um, uh, someone who’s sorta eloquentless. 

And you know what? HE WANTS YOU TO SEND HIM YOUR WRITING! Of course he suggests you read up a bit
first. Develop a voice. Don’t just unload all your worthless brain spasms on him.

So download, listen, enjoy.

Host: Erik Olsen.
Format: 41

Jump to:
02:25- Magazine Minute

9:40- Top 5 Posts

18:00- James
O’Reilly – Interview

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