Tupac, Nutmeg and St. Lucia

The beginning of this story found on Notes From the Road caught me a
little off guard, but certainly pulled me in for the long haul. 

“Tupac Shakur lives on the other side of Mount Gimie,” Philippe said, referring to St. Lucia’s remote, largest
mountain.  “Some people in America think he is dead,” but he added, “we know he is up there.”

It may not sound like it at first, but in this
dynamic well written piece you’ll be sure to
learn (if you didn’t already know) some interesting facts and useless trivia about the botanical history
of the Antilles.  Of course there is the mention of the ever so popular ‘Mary Jane’ that
many associate with the West Indies, but there is a much richer side to the story as well. 

For instance, the small bright yellow Nutmeg fruit found in St. Lucia can be full of flavor for some, but also a
cure for flatulence?  Hmm…  And while some of us believe citrus was created to brighten man’s breakfast at
the start of his day, some botanists believe it came about somewhere in Indonesia to compel lizards.  Now my head
is swelling.