Remembering Bonsai

I’ll never forget the day my father sat the entire family down to introduce the new adopted member of the family.  He started by saying how much he wanted
us to welcome the new member with the same love we’d given to each other and no matter how foreign they should be,
they should feel the same warmth and joy.  My brother was almost in tears as his status as the ‘baby’ was
being replaced.  Then my father brought out the tiny potted Bonsai tree.

So, my father had a little thing for Bonsai.  Apparently, a lot of other people share that very obsession
in Japan where it has long been a piece of native art and culture. 
Japan Zone has some cool facts on the miniature trees as
well as everything else Japanese.  If you’re into the culture don’t skip out on Bonsai.  They make sort of
great gifts.