Poof! Be Gone!

Have you ever had moments where you wish you could just disappear, get lost, be forgotten, toss
the cell phone to the sea, or just hide under your own special rock?  Okay, put your hands down.  Escape
Artist has a lengthy, but entertaining piece on “How to
Disappear in Six Easy Lessons.”
  The author Roger Gallo provides great tips on how to go about hiding and
the hottest places to vanish.  (Of course there are few con’s and he’s listed them as well.)  According to
Gallo, Costa Rica is way out and just as expensive as Beverly Hills, but if you’ve got the courage you’ll find
Cartagena the perfect spot to be forgotten.   So what is some good advice on the art of
disappearing?  Don’t carry guns, try using your brain, fly via private carriers, and create work you take