eXtreme Hotels

Lay your head to rest at night with no worries, but in the morning get ready to ride some serious kite. Uh, um… Well grab your kite board and go! The first, in a chain of “eXtreme Hotels” can be found in Cabarete Bay, Dominican Republic and what visitors can expect is a whole lot of sport! If the waves start to take their toll try some of the other activities like skateboarding, tow-in-surfing, and fling boarding.

According to the Journal News, Bill Lee plans on opening other eXtreme Hotels in places like Nevada for rock climbing and Chile for snowboarding. The goal is to achieve the ultimate, affordable, lifestyle hotel with a signature sport, lessons and equipment for beginners, advice from a pro in the field, and the eXtreme Bar. Now you’re talking! Sounds like a good deal to me.