A different kind of scuba magazine…

For those of you that have become skeptical of the traditional trade magazines telling you
that Cozumel is still a one of a kind destination, here’s something different for you. It’s called Undercurrent and
they accept absolutely no advertising whatsoever. What that means is that they don’t hold back in their reviews of
locations, dive shops, etc. While expensive (they have to make up the lack of advertising somehow) and very small
monthly issues (think 10-20 pages total), the real gem comes once a year in their Chapbook. It’s a huge collection
(several hundred pages) of trip reports on every imaginable destination on earth – with little to no censoring of
people’s trips. Want the real truth on that dive shop in Honduras? The one that let me dive with corroded steel tanks
and later admitted they hadn’t been checked in five years? You will find it in the chapbook. Needless to say, I’m
renewing my subscription this week.