Big Board

Ah, the timeless beauty of human striving, the endless wonder of human accomplishment. It
is indeed a great day for the species!

Chalk another one up for the human race. Not only do we send
probes into deepest space, but yesterday, more than 40
surfers hung ten into the Guinness Book of World Records when they rode a wave on top of
a single giant surfboard off an Australian

The devoted and curious came to watch. Nearly 5,000 of them. They gathered Saturday along the fatal
shore to watch the riders crowd onto the 40-foot-long board, and when that right wave came, it carried
them on its beautiful shoulders, delivering them not just to the golden sands, but into the annals of
history, their names now inscribed next to those other preternatural specimens of human accomplishment: the fattest man
in the world and the bakers of the World’s
Longest Bruchetta.