Ode to Pernambuco’s Great Dishes

When there is good food to be found in a town the word spreads and it goes a long way. Ginger
Otis from Lonely Planet writes for the
Miami Herald about the great food to be
found in one of Brazil’s least frequented areas. Pernambuco State in northeast Brazil is home to some of the best
caipirinha, a cocktail made from freshly chopped limes mixed with sugar and lots of ice.  Drinks like these can be
found in many areas of Pernambuco and can be enjoyed best at sunset. 

Lagosta (lobster) makes an undoubtedly great dinner dish at
Resturante Beijupira in Porto de Galinhas also found in the
state.  Ginger isn’t the only one who thinks the food is de-li-cious, see what the folks at
Pilot Guides have to say
and then take a peek at the menu yourself.  (It’s in Portuguese, but
you’ll get the picture.)