40 Things to do Before You Die

Everyone has their life list (or you should), that list of things you want to accomplish before you die. I have one,
which I will post soon (and which includes seeing the caribou migration
in Alaska). The great explorer John Goddard has one
(and we will be interviewing him for a podcast soon, too!). But as I was thinking about my own life list, I came across
this one at Radar. It’s OK. It has its lame
points (#21: Have sex….duh!), but there are some good ones, too, like #28: Travel to Australia. But good and bad, I put
it out there for folks to start thinking about their own life lists. Because very soon, we’ll have a post where we want
people to list the things they consider “MUST DO” experiences. So
here’s something to whet your whistle, as
it were.