Pornaoke at Pegasus Lounge

This may seem a little raunchy at first, but imagine one of your friends belting out “Sweet Home
Alabama, I Will Survive or My Cherie Amor
,” in some good old fashioned karaoke
form with porn playing in the background.  PORN? Yes, porn.  The concept is actually pretty
funny as no one will take you or those GREEAAAT vocal cords you have serious with all
the chitty-chitty bang-bang and wham-bam-thank-you-mam going on in the background. 

A dive in some aspects, the Pegasus Lounge out of Tampa, Florida
offers ‘Pornaoke‘ on both Monday’s and Wednesday’s in case one day
isn’t enough.  The lounge also features anywhere from 25-30 bands a month, full-service bar, dining, and pool for
your more reserved buddies.  Even though secretly they’ll want to sing too.