Mauritius’ Le Saint Geran

There seems to be quite a bit of hype surrounding the tropical paradise of Mauritius these days
and why shouldn’t there be?  Quiet beautiful beaches perfect
for being lazy, wide mix of culture ranging from Europe, Indian and African influence, and a few good
bargains.  I have been reading more and more about the country than any other time in the last
few days.  Most of which have been about the great hotels found on the tiny Indian Ocean jewel.  Many of them
are far from budget travel, but if you’ve got the dollars splurging is well worth it. 


The Le Saint
named after the shipwreck nearby, is one that stuck out to me.  Nestled in the center of lush
palm trees and complete with dazzling guest rooms, a comprehensive spa, salon, and fitness program you’ll find the
hotel lives up to the same fairyland as Mauritius itself.