Anti-Americanism and Business

Sort of travel-related, as those heading overseas often have to
deal with anti-Americanism:  

Yet another piece
about how it appears American businesses and brands are being hurt by anti-Americanism. It’s an interesting, and
disturbing trend, if it’s true. Although numbers are hard to come by, it is assumed that people are becoming
increasingly fed up by the war in Iraq and American pushiness and are making their sentiments known via their
consumption habits. Now, whether or not this is true, or whether it’s simply a matter of global competition affecting
sales, or some mix of the two, I think is up for some debate. Also, there’s the matter of whether this is merely a
trend, something that will pass once people stop getting blown up in Iraq.

I tend to believe the latter is the case. People consumption habits will be governed, largely as they always have, by
quality and price (or saavy marketing). But the trend is one to watch and be wary of. The Bush administration is
certainly wary enough that they have entrusted
Bush confidante-ette Karen
to re-start an effort to repair America’s image. The last such effort, of course, resulted in the rather
quick resignation of Margaret Tutweiler, and it appeared the effort was doomed. But the Bushies are nothing if not
persistent. One wonders which lucky journalists
will get paid this time to be a flack of the administration.