The Degree Confluence Project

This is way too cool for school and I’m probably the only one of Earth who hasn’t heard of this  
project being that it has been going on for years.  The project is called
the Degree Confluence Project and I don’t want to mess
up the mission statement, goal or what have you so here it is:

“The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world,
and to take pictures at each location.  The pictures are stories will then be posted here.”

The best part to the site has got to be the narrative’s on how they went about finding the confluence, the
mishaps in between and a world of other interesting information.  In a sense it’s a very different kind of
adventure.  One that may make you question the time and energy you place in it and why you ever began
looking for a particular latitude and longitude in the first place?  Most of them aren’t going to put to
UNESCO World Heritage sites, but there’s the mystery in it.  Where are you going to end up?  Have any of you
gadlites found confluences on your own?  Please share.