Still Time for Starkbierzeit

If you are seriously into beer chugging, guzzling, sipping, sampling, slurping, or drinking you may
want to get your body over to Munich while there is still time.  German for
“strong beer season,”
takes place from March 4-20, 2005 and labeled as a mini Oktoberfest for locals without all the tourists
and craziness of the later event.  It’s a time to enjoy tons of good strong brewskies, food and laughter
among friends.  All-in-all it is a time to unite for, beer.  Of course there is tons of history behind
the event so you may want to save a brain cell or two to soak it all in, but if not just remember this, “friends
don’t let friends drive drunk.”   Okay, okay sorry about the PSA and enjoy your beer.