Bally’s Total Casino

At Bally’s Casino less is more and more involves luxury,
privacy, quality, and FUN of course.  The casino
can be found in Tallinn, Estonia and hosts three guest houses to sleep in.  Each room,
and I am judging off the pictures, looks like a premiere spot to place one’s head in Tallinn, but I could
be very wrong.  What I know for certain is they have WiFi connections in all the rooms for any worried about their
Internet. The restaurant also looks pretty swanky and I bet you’ll find some of the best Nordic Tallinn in
town here. In any case the there are tons of games at the casino for all the high rollers who get a rush off that
stuff.  I’m not too into gambling away any precious euro’s, so you won’t find me there, but look out for me in
other parts of Estonia.