Maureen Dowd on Spring Break

Um, whose idea was
? No offense to Maureen Dowd. I mean, she’s a great writer, and can be really funny in that smarty pants Ivy
League chick kind of way. She’s even kind of sexy. But sending her on an adult Spring Break to Cancun (of all places)
to report back over the phone in her slow monotone about her quest for nachos…well, it was not really what I expected.
Granted I wasn’t expecting wet T-shirt contests, but when finding a good plate of nachos is one’s goal on Spring
Break…well, perhaps “spring break” is not the term that should be used.

The most interesting part of this presentation is when she says she is taking this trip because her college spring
breaks were such bad experiences…and then leaves it at that. Hello!? Maureen, tell us more!

I’ll not say any more because the fact is, I love the multimedia stuff the Times does, including the audio slide
shows, Flash presentations, etc. As stodgy as ol media grandad can be, their multimedia department does some pretty
amazing stuff…but this doesn’t really work. Anyway,
give a listen…tell us
if you liked it or not.