There are big questions, and then there are BIG questions. Among the latter is a simple one with an answer that
might surprise some people: how do you pee while paddling (hence the lame pun of a title for this post)?  Sure,
you can hit the beach, get out and find yourself a nice tree or bush, but what if you can’t?

Well, here’s a paddling pee primer.

Obviously, in these circumstances nature has long favored those with a Y chromosome. But even if you’re a guy and
you’re not John Holmes, you’re going to have to figure out a way to do the deed. This article will show you
how…including the awkward boat straddle which, needless to say should not be attempted in croc-infested waters. The
technique here in this photo favors the fallopian funnel (or something like that), which really would work quite nicely
for men or women.